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Ewa is an expert at Lutheran, Catholic, and Jewish research in the surviving records of Poland, the former Prussia, and Central Europe for all time periods.

Ewa specializes in finding records that are not available online. She is particularly experienced in church and civil records, as well as court records and property deeds.

Prussian Research


Ewa conducts extensive research at the following national and regional archives in Poland:

  • Archiwum Państwowe at Kielcach
  • Archiwum Narodowe at Krakowie
  • Archiwum Państwowe at Lesznie/Lissa
  • Archiwum Państwowe at Łodzi/Lodz
  • Archiwum Państwowe at Poznan/Posen
  • Archiwum Państwowe at Rzeszowie
  • Archiwum Państwowe at Suwałkach
  • Archiwum Państwowe at Warsaw
  • Archiwum Państwowe at Wrocław/Breslau


  • Finding family records not available outside Poland
  • Locating and translating Jewish, Polish, German, and Russian records
  • Discovering resources in areas that have suffered record loss
  • Sharing new avenues and resources for brick-wall ancestors
  • Recommending resources in German and Polish for further research
  • Complete family trees for the non-genealogist


Ewa’s rates for archival research begin at US $40/hour. Monthly rates for special projects may be negotiated. PayPal is the preferred method of payment.

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